Sergey Belyaev

Sergey Belyaev

играет в спектаклях


Sat 18:00Fathers and Sons

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Wed 19:00Fathers and Sons

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He was born on October 14, 1989 in the city Kolchugino of the Vladimir region.

He graduated from the Dramatic Faculty of The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in 2013 - workshop of Peter Lyubimtsev.

He was accepted into The Mayakovsky Theatre in July 2013.


Moscow Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka ( Taganka Theatre):

"Even a wise man stumbles" by A. Ostrovsky - Glumov Yegor

"Eugene Onegin" by A. Pushkin - Eugene Onegin

Graduation plays:

"Flight" by M. Bulgakov - General Khludov

"Sasha " by V. Kondratev - Sasha

"Farewell in June " by A. Vampilov - Nikolai Kolesov

"Vassa" by M. Gorky - Prokhorov

"Friends - writers" by N. Venkstern - Count Bubnov

Movie roles: "Scarecrow -2" ( 2010), "Life and Fate" (2012 ), " Remedy for death" (2012 ), "Thieves (Voryata) " ( 2013 ).

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