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Eugenia Gromova

Upcoming performances

    She was born on March 27, 1988 in Shatura (Moscow region).

    She graduated from the directing department of The Russian University of Theatre Arts in 2013 (workshop of S. Zhenovich) and at the same time was accepted to the Mayakovsky Theater`s troupe.



    She received the award «Gold List» for the role of Anna Obroshenova in the play «Jokers» (2013).




    Graduation performances:

    «Chekhov. Favorites» (scenes from the play «Fatherless») - Anna Voynitseva (general's wife)

    «Jokers» by A. Ostrovskiy – Anna Obroshenova

    «LIEBE» by F. Schiller - Karl Moore, Ataman


    «Impossible», by A. Platonov - Vera

    «Village» by W. Faulkner - Yule


    The studio of Theatrical Art:

    «Notebooks» by A.Chekhov - emancipated woman

    «Notes of a dead man», by M. Bulgakov - Polyxena Toporetskaya

    «Decayed family» by N. Leskov - Hotetova, a girl


    The Lensoviet Academic Theatre (Saint Petersburg):

    «LIEBE. Schiller » by F. Schiller - Karl Moore, Ataman


    The Mayakovsky Theatre:

    «LIEBE. Schiller » by F. Schiller - Karl Moore, Ataman