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Irina Pegova

Meritorious Artist of Russia

Upcoming performances

    Irina Pegova was born on June 18, 1978 in the city of Viksa, Nizhny Novgorod region. In 1995 she entered the Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School (V. Bogomazov`s course). In 1997 she entered GITIS, acting and directing department (P. Fomenko`s course). In 2001, she joined Pyotr Fomenko Studio Theatre. In 2006 she started working at Moscow Art Theatre. Irina collaborates with Oleg Tabakov Theatre. She plays a lead role at Mayakovsky Theater performance ‘Talents and Admirers’ (directed by Mindaugas Karbauskis).

    Theatre roles:

    Pyotr Fomenko Studio Theatre

    ‘Fro’ - a graduation performance at GITIS, director Vasily Senin, based on the short story by Andrey Platonov (2001).

    ‘Wolves and Sheep’ - Anfusa Tikhonovna

    ’One Absolutely Happy Village’ - Egorovna

    ‘War and Peace. Beginning of the novel. Scenes ‘- Elizaveta Bolkonskaya, Sonya

    ‘The Madwman of Chaillot ‘- Irma dishwasher

    ‘White Nights’ - Grandmother

    Moscow Art Theatre

    ‘The Seagull’ - Masha

    ‘Do not Part with the Loved Ones’ - Women and Judge

    ‘The Little Humpbacked Horse’ - A simple girl, Mare, Tsar Maiden

    ‘Marriage’ – Agafya Tikhonovna

    Oleg Tabakov Theatre

    ‘Uncle Vanya’ - Sonya

    ‘The Story of Gleeful Moskva’ - Moskva Chestnova

    ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ – Suzanne

    Mayakovsky Theatre

    ‘Talents and Admirers’ - Aleksandra Negina (premiere in January 2012)

    Prizes and Awards

    2008 winner of the National Theatre Award ‘Golden Mask’ (Moskva Chestnova in the play ‘The Story of Gleeful Moskva’)

    2008 Winner of Tabakov Award ‘For difficult role of Moskva Chestnova in the play ‘The story of Gleeful Moskva'.

    2007 Winner of the ‘Crystal Turandot’ (Moskva Chestnova in the play ‘The story of Gleeful Moskva’)

    2007 Winner of Youth Award ‘Triumph’

    2005 Winner of the National Theatre Award ‘Golden Mask’ (Sonya in the play ‘Uncle Vanya’)

    2003 Winner of Film Festival ‘Window to Europe’ Award, Vyborg

    2003 Film Award ‘Golden Eagle’ as Best Actress (Olga in a film ‘The Stroll’)


    Talents and Admirers

    Talents and Admirers

    Main Stage
    Authors: Aleksander Ostrovsky
    Staging: Mindaugas Karbauskis
    Genre: comedy