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Roman Kalkaev

Upcoming performances

    Roman Kalkaev was born on June 20, 1973.

    In 1999 he graduated from GITIS (O. Kudryashov`s workshop).

    He worked at the Moscow State Estrada Theatre under the direction of G. Khazanov in 1999 - 2003.

    Guest Actor of Mayakovsky Theatre.


    Mayakovsky Theatre:

    ‘Amourettes in the snow’ based on Fonvizin`s play - Advisor.

    Moscow State Estrada Theatre:

    ‘Vanya and the Crocodile’ based on K. Chukovsky`s tale - Hippo, Baker

    ‘Christmas at the Cupiello`s’ by Eduardo De Filippo - Vittorio Elia

    ‘Annie’ by Thomas Miem - Lieutenent Ward

    Theater ‘art house’:

    ‘Amourettes in the snow’ based on Fonvizin`s play ‘Brigadier’ - Advisor

    ‘Anagnorisis of the Inspector’ after Nkolai Gogol`s play ‘The Government Inspector’ - Governor

    Actor's House:

    ‘The Girls’ by L. Ulitskaya - Victor Spider

    ‘The Case in Yalta’ by J. Brodsky – Captain

    ‘Jolly Fellows’ - Chairman (Private Theatre Company);

    ‘AyLavyutu’ by Michael Frayn - Stephen, Barney (Private Theatre Company);

    ‘The Kitchen’ by A. Wesker, the France-Belgium-Russia theater project - Raymond (France, Belgium);

    ‘I saw a garden in my dream’- Sergei Volovich (Theatre of Music and Poetry under direction of E.Kamburova). 2011.

    Musical ‘The Three Musketeers’ - De Treville; master of ceremonies. 2011.


    Amourettes in the snow

    Amourettes in the snow

    Main Stage
    Authors: Yuly Kim, Leonid Eydlin
    Staging: Ekaterina Granitova
    Genre: old comedy in two acts set to music based on the play The Brigadier-General by Denis Fonvizin