Vasiliy Mirolubov

Vasiliy Mirolubov

играет в спектаклях

He was born on July 17, 1991 in Leninigrade (now - St. Petersburg).

He studied in a theatrical studio under the direction of Sergey Bizgu and Andrey Shimko.

Vasiliy graduated from the directing department of the Russian University of Theatrical Art, workshop of O. Kudryashov in 2014.

Now he is starring in the serial «Young Guards».



Graduation performances:

«V.O.L.F. » (That's what Love is) - Victor Gauzer (Mauser), Kostya Chekunov

«IU | YES» by L. Andreev - Author

«Village Peremilovo»

«Eugene Onegin» by A. Pushkin - Onegin

«Love Story» - The Spy

«What's the buzz»



The Meyerhold Center:



The Yablochkin Central house of the actor:

«Zhurzhur» - Conductor, maniac                        


The Mayakovsky Theater:

«V.O.L.F.»  (That's what Love is) - Victor Gauzer (Mauser), Kostya Chekunov

«On the grass of the yard» by Asar Eppel - The pilot, a friend of Nikolay

упоминание в прессе