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Paulina Pushkaruk

Upcoming performances

    She was born on January 4, 1991 in Moscow.

    Paulina graduated from the Directing Department of The Russian University of Theatre Arts, workshop of S. Zhenovach and was accepted to the troupe of The studio of theatrical art in 2013.



    She received the prize of the festival «Film shock» as «The Best Actress» (for the role of Anna Morozova in the movie «I'm not going back», 2014)



    Graduation performances:

    «Jokers» by A. Ostrovskiy - Vera

    «Chekhov. Favorites» - Nadia

    «LIEBE» by F. Schiller - Spiegelberg, Amalia

    «Village» by W. Faulkner - Lucy Pate, Houston`s dog

    «Woo Zoo»


    The Lensoviet Academic Theatre (St. Petersburg):

    «LIEBE. Schiller» by F.Schiller - Spiegelberg, Amalia


    The Studio of Theatrical Art:

    «The Battle of the Life» by C.Dickens - Grace

    «Moscow-Petushki» by V.Erofeev - the angel of heaven

    «Notebook» by A.Chekhov - Wife

    The Mayakovsky Theatre:

    «LIEBE. Schiller» Schiller - Spiegelberg, Amalia


    Roles in movies: «Life and Fate» (TV series) (2012), «The Inquisitor» (2014), «I will not return» (2014).