Semyon Strugachev

Semyon Strugachev

играет в спектаклях

Semyon Strugachev was born on December 10 in the village of Smidovich, Khabarovsk Region.

In 1979 he graduated from the Acting Department of Far Eastern Teacher Training Institute of the Arts in Vladivostok.

He worked at the Gorky Primorsky Regional Academic Drama Theater (Vladivostok), the Gorky Academic Theater (Gorky), at the Gorky Dramatic Theater (Kuibyshev).

Since 1988 he has been an actor of The Lensovet Academic Theatre (St. Petersburg).


Meritorious Artist of Russia (1999)

People's Artist of Russia (2008).

For his performance as Mu De Zvon in the play ‘Frederick, or the Boulevard of Crime’ he was awarded the Audience Award of Petersburg society ‘Theatre-goer’.


The Lensovet Academic Theatre:

‘Heart of a Dog’ - Shvonder

‘Troubadour and His Friends’ - Jester

‘Trap’ - Franz Kafka

‘A Little one’ - Edmond Fontanges

‘The Face’ - Doctor Vergerus

‘Jacques and his Master’ - The Marquis

‘The Imaginary Invalid’ - Argan

‘The Magician of Lublin’ - Yasha Mazur

‘The Spanish ballad’ by Lion Feuchtwanger - Alfonso

‘Love to the grave’ by A. Nicolai - Bruno

‘Frederick of the Boulevard of Crime’ by E.E. Schmitt - Mu de Zvon

Comedy Theatre under the direction of N. Akimov

‘Difficult People’ - Simon
фотоальбом упоминание в прессе