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Galina Belyaeva

Meritorious artist of Russia

Родилась 26 апреля в Иркутске. 

В 1979 г. окончила Воронежское хореографическое училище по специальности артистка балета и ансамбля народного танца, а в 1983 г. – Театральное училище им. Щукина, по специальности актриса театра и кино.

С 1983 года работает в Театре им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Дети портят отношения» Жан Летраз – Анриетта Фонтанж

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – Агафья Тихоновна

«Банкет» Нил Саймон – Ивон Фуше

Upcoming performances

  • 23 November 19:00
    «Children Spoil Relationship»

Galina was born on April 26 in Irkutsk.

In 1979 she graduated from the Voronezh Ballet School as a dancer of ballet and folk dance, and in 1983 she accomplished her studies at the Vakhtangov Theater Academy trained as film and theatre actress.

Since 1983 Galina has been working at Mayakovsky theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works)

‘Look who is Here!’ by V. Arro – Masha

‘Rumors’ by A. Salynsky – Viktyuha

‘The Islander’ by Yakovlev – Marina

‘The blonde’ by A. Volodin – Natasha

‘The Night of an Angel’ - The first figure

‘The Madmen of Valencia’ by Lope de Vega – Eriphyle

‘Marriage’ by Nikolai Gogol – Agafya

‘Napoleon the First’ by F. Bruckner - Maria Walevska

‘Kean IV’ by G. Gorin - Anna Dembi

‘Tomorrow Was the War’ by B.Vasilev - Vika Lyuberetskaya

Cinema works: ‘Reporters’ (2008), ‘Journey’ (2007), ‘They danced one winter’ (2004), ‘Night Visit’ (1998), ‘Air Pirates’ (1992), ‘The Cherry Orchard’ (teledrama) (1992), ‘Womanizer’ (1990), ‘Souvenir for Attorney’ (1989), ‘Wherever the work ...’ (1987), ‘Bambi’s Youth’ (1986), ‘Lermontov’ (1986), ‘Capablanca’ (1986), ‘The Black Arrow’ (1985), ‘Bambi’s Childhood’ (1985), ‘Perichole’ (1984), ‘The hero of her novel’ (1984), ‘Anna Pavlovna’ (1983-1986), ‘Park’ ( 1983), ‘Where is he going to go’ (1981), ‘Slap in the Face’ (1980), ‘The Imaginary Invalid’ (1980), ‘Lenin in Paris’ (1980), ‘Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville!’ (1979), ‘My Sweet and Tender Beast ‘(1978),’ Everything is decided by a moment ‘(1978), etc.


Children Spoil Relationship

Children Spoil Relationship

Main Stage
Authors: Jean de Letraz
Staging: Semyon Strugachev
Genre: French comedy



Main Stage
Authors: Nikolay Gogol
Staging: Sergey Artsibashev
Genre: an absolutely incredible incident in two acts.

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

Main Stage
Authors: Neil Simon
Staging: Sergey Artsibashev
Genre: sentimental comedy