Igor Marychev

Igor Marychev

Meritorious artist of Russia

Игорь Марычев родился 22 марта 1965 года в Волгограде.

В 1986 году окончил Театральное училище им. М.С. Щепкина − курс М.И. Царева.

Служил в армии (РВСН, г. Мирный, Плесецк).

1988 − 1990 гг. - работал в театре «На Спартаковской» (ныне «МОДЕРНЪ») п/р С.А. Враговой.

С 1990 года Игорь Марычев – артист Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Йокнапатофа» У. Фолкнер – Пибоди

«Сказки Венского леса» Эден фон Хорват – Ротмистр

«Плоды просвещения» Л. Толстой – 1-й мужик

«Отцы и сыновья» Б. Фрил – Николай Петрович Кирсанов

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Сумер

«Август: графство Осейдж» Тр. Леттс – Билл Фордам

«Дядюшкин сон» Ф. Достоевский – Князь

«На чемоданах» Х. Левин – Авнер Цхори

«Таланты и поклонники» А. Островский – Ераст Грамилов

«Развод по-мужски» Н. Саймон – Феликс Унгар

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – Жевакин

играет в спектаклях

Igor Marychev was born on March 22, 1965 in Volgograd.

In 1986, he graduated from Shchepkin Higher Theatre College (M. Tsarev's course).

He served in the Army (Strategic Missile Troops in Mirny, Plesetsk).

In 1988 - 1990 he worked at the theater ‘Na Spartakovskoy’ (nowadays ‘MODERN’) led by S.Vragovoy.

Since 1990 he has been working at Mayakovsky Theatre.

Meritorious Artist of Russia (2009).


Maly Theatre:

‘Rankers’ - Dandelion

Theater ‘Na Spartakovskoy’:

‘The Death of Tarelkin’ by Sukhovo-Kobylin - Tarelkin

Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Rosencrantz and Gildernstern are dead’ by T.Stoppard - Rosencrantz

‘The Transparent Apples, or Truth is Good but Happiness is Better’ by A. Ostrovsky’ - Mukhoyarov

‘A Simple Story’ by M.Lado - Dog stalwart

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Pan Mussyalovich

‘Don Juan's Amusements’ by M.Pavlova - Filippino, Pavel

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin - Eared, Dog, Weevil

‘Victoria…?’ by T.Rattigan - George

‘The Secret of the Old Cabinet’ by C. Lewis - Beaver

‘The Student`s Love’ by L.Andreev - Physicist

‘Dwarf’ by P.Lagerkvist - Jester

‘The Victim of the Century’ by Ostrovsky - The Observer

‘As You Like it' by William Shakespeare – Corin, Le Beau

‘Kean IV’ by G.Gorin - Cylinder

‘Theatrical Romance’ by A.Tolstoy - crowd scenes

‘Enter a free man’ by T.Stoppard - Brown

‘Not about Nightingales’ by T. Williams - Queen

‘Vivat! Vivat Regina!’ by R.Bolt - Rizzo

‘Ivan Tsarevich’ by Y.Mikhaylov - Lead, Koschei the Immortal

‘The Madmen of Valencia’ by Lope de Vega - Thomas, servant

‘Encore, Encore!’ by N. Nekrasov - Gavryushka

‘Three Sisters’ by Anton Chekhov - Kulygin

Cinema works: ’Furtseva’ (2011), ‘Night Guest’ (2011), ‘Zhukov’ (2011), ‘Tsar’ (2009), ‘Desire’ (2009), ‘Dirty Work’ (2009), ‘I go out to look for you ‘(2009),’ Attraction ‘(2008),’ Daddy's Girls ‘(2007-2011),’ The Room of Lost Toys ‘(2007),’ Gloss ‘(2007),’ Four taxi drivers and a dog-2 ‘(2006 ), ‘Stalin. Live ‘(2006), ’Code of Honor-3 ‘(2006),’ Multiplying sorrow ‘(2005),’ Students 1, 2 ‘(2005, 2006),’ Freelance Assignment ‘(2004),’ Hello, Sick Boy! ‘(2004),’ A plague on both your houses! ‘(Photodrama) (2002), ’Three Against All ‘(2002),’ Truckers ‘(2001),’ Two Comrades ‘(2000),’ I forgive everyone who I owe to‘(1999),’ I'm free, I'm nobody's ‘(1994),’ A very faithful wife ‘(1992),’ The Suicider ‘(1990),’ Forgive me, Alyosha ‘(1983), etc.

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