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Lyubov Rudenko

Meritorious artist of Russia

Любовь Руденко родилась 22 октября в Москве.

В 1981 году окончила ГИТИС − курс А.А. Гончарова.

С 1981 года Любовь Руденко актриса Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Маэстро» К. Чапек – Певица 
«Дядюшкин сон» Ф. Достоевский – Наталья Дмитриевна Паскудина

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – Арина Пантелеймоновна

Upcoming performances

Lyubov Rudenko was born on October 22 in Moscow.

In 1981, she graduated from GITIS (A. Goncharov`s course).

Since 1981 she has been working at Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Victoria…?’ by T.Rattigan - Francesca

‘Music Lessons’ by L. Petrushevskaya - The girl in the dorm

‘Sunset’ by Isaac Babel - Klava Zubareva

‘Diary of an Ordinary Girl’ by N.Kosterina - Chorus

‘Tomorrow Was the War’ by B.Vasilev - Vera Sergunova

‘A Blonde’ by A. Volodin – Host`s friend

‘The Law of Wintering’ by B.Gorbatov - Ksenia

‘Prince Tsarevich’ by Y.Mihaylov - Milolika

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin - Female ‘scorpion’, Mother-in-law

‘The Life of Klim Samgin’ by Gorky - Vaudeville actress, Margarita

‘Theatrical Romance’ by A.Tolstoy - Anyuta

‘The Amazon’ by N.Leskov - Lekanida Petrovna

‘The Cabinet Minister’s Wife’ by B. Nusic - Ms. Nata

‘Vanyushina`s Children’ by S.Naydenov - Avdotia

‘The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' by A. Miller - Nurse Logan

Cinema works: ‘Flowers of meadow’ (1980), ‘Basil Buslayev’ (1982), ‘The Life of Klim Samgin’ (1988-1989), ‘Risk Group’ (1992), ‘Return of the Battleship’ (1994-1995), ‘ Editors Office ‘(TV series) (1999-2000),’ Request Stop 2 ‘(2001),’ The joys and sorrows of Little Lord ‘(2002),’ The Last Temptation ‘(2002),’ Taiga ‘(2001-2002) ‘An Invisible Sign-1, 2’ (2003), ‘Dasha Vasilyeva-2’ (2003), ‘Martha and her puppies’ (2004), ‘History of the spring draft’ (2004), ‘Kukotsky`s Case’ (2005), ‘ A lie detector for Sale‘(2005),’ Lusty ‘(2006),’ Demons‘ (2006),’ One hundred dollars an hour ‘(2006),’ Railwaymen ‘(speedy 55) (2006),’ the Amazon of the provinces' (2008), ‘Fire of Love’ (2009), ‘Native People’ (2009), ‘Railwaymen-2’ (2010), ‘The 45th’ (2011), ‘Yesterday, the war ended’ (2011), etc.


Маленькие вечера

Маленькие вечера

Small stage



Stage on Sretenka
Authors: Karel Chapek
Staging: Yury Yoffe
Genre: tragicomedy in two acts

Uncle’s Dream

Uncle’s Dream

Main Stage
Authors: Fyodor Dostoevsky
Staging: Ekaterina Granitova
Genre: “a little thing of dove-like mildness and remarkable innocence”



Main Stage
Authors: Nikolay Gogol
Staging: Sergey Artsibashev
Genre: an absolutely incredible incident in two acts.