Maxim Glebov

Maxim Glebov

Родился 18 сентября 1976 года в городе Воронеж. 

В 1997 году окончил Воронежский Государственный Институт Искусств, мастерская Народного артиста России, профессора В.В.Бугрова. 
В 1997-1999 годах служил в Курском областном драматическом театре им.А.С.Пушкина. 

С 1999 года работает в Московском академическом театре им. Вл.Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Кавказский меловой круг» Б. Брехт – Миха Лоладзе; Второй торговец; Лаврентий; Второй адвокат

«Русский роман» М. Ивашкявичюс – Маковицкий; Господин; Мужик

«Мёртвые души» Н. Гоголь – Капитан-исправник

«Плоды просвещения» Л. Толстой – Доктор

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Сергей Бойко, Толик

«Мама-кот» Л. Сепульведа – Мореход

«Любовь людей» Д. Богославский – Иван

«Таланты и поклонники» А. Островский – человек, служащий в театре

«Развод по-мужски» Нил Саймон – Стиви

играет в спектаклях


Sun 18:00The Fruits of Culture

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Tue 19:00People’s Love

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Sat 18:00Russian novel

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Wed 18:00Dead Souls

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Thu 18:00Russian novel

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Sat 12:00Mama cat

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Sat 18:00Divorce Male-Style

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Thu 19:00Berdichev

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Fri 19:00Talents and Admirers

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Sat 18:00Marriage

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Sun 18:00The Fruits of Culture

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Wed 19:00Dead Souls

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Sun 18:00Berdichev

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Wed 19:00Talents and Admirers

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Thu 19:00Divorce Male-Style

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Sat 18:00Russian novel

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Sun 18:00People’s Love

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Tue 19:00Marriage

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Sun 18:00Divorce Male-Style

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Wed 19:00Dead Souls

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Sat 12:00Mama cat

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Sat 16:00Mama cat

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Sun 18:00The Fruits of Culture

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Tue 19:00Russian novel

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Tue 19:00Dead Souls

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Wed 19:00Marriage

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Thu 19:00Talents and Admirers

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Fri 19:00Berdichev

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Wed 19:00Russian novel

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Maxim Glevob was born on September 18, 1976 in the city of Voronezh.

In 1997, he graduated from Voronezh State Institute of Arts (People’s Artist of Russia, Professor V.Bugrov`s workshop).

In 1997-1999 he worked at Pushkin Drama Theater, Kursk.

Since 1999 he has been working at Mayakovsky Theater.


Graduation works at the Voronezh Youth Theatre:

‘The House That Swift Built’ - Judge Biggs

‘The Star without a Name’ - Pascu

‘The Wizard of Oz’ - Toto

‘Butterflies are Free’-Donald Baker

‘Recent’ - Uncle Jacob

Pushkin Drama Theater, Kursk:

‘The House Where Everything Is Upside Down’ - Hosinto

‘Miracles with Home Delivery’ - Robot

‘Masquerade’ by M. Lermontov - Zvezdich` servant

‘The Golden Antelope’ - Snake Charmer

‘The Tale of the Buffoon and Tsar Pea’ - Rifleman

‘Three Sisters’ by A. Chekhov - Rode, Fedotik

‘Yemelya`s happiness’ - Prince Overseas

‘Marriage on a Competitive Basis’ - Alberto Albichini

‘Incognito’ - the innkeeper

‘Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man’ by A. Ostrovsky - Kurchaev

Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Vanyushin`s Children’ by S. Naydenov - Counterman

‘The Adventures of Buratino’ – Giuseppe, Artemon

‘Napoleon the First’ by F.Brukner - Napoleon’s aide

‘The Secret of the Old cabinet’ by C. Lewis – Wolf, Tree

‘As You Like It ‘Shakespeare - Messenger

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’ by T. Stoppard - Tragedian, Valet

‘The Victim of the Century’ by A. Ostrovsky - Butley

‘Kean IV’ by G. Gorin - Stagehand, Constable, Owner of the Restaurant, Actor of Keane`s troupe

‘Banquet’ by N.Saymon - Waiter

‘Dwarf’ by P.Lagerkvist - The court astrologer, Rocco`s brother

‘Dead Souls’ by Nikolai Gogol - Official

‘A Very Simple Story’ by M.Lado - Rooster

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Investigator

Joint project with the Russian-Japanese Center of the Moscow Conservatory.

‘Legend about the Flower of Style’ - a student Site

Director of dubbing:

‘Pair of Kings’ Disney ©

Actor of dubbing

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Disney ©-Doctor Doofenshmirtz, secondary characters,

‘A Pair of Kings’ Disney © - Mason Makoola, Yamakoshi, Hibachi, secondary characters,

‘Hannah Montana’ Disney © - secondary characters

‘The replacements’ Disney © - secondary characters

‘Handy Manny’ Disney © - secondary characters.

Cinema works: ‘Novelette’ (1995), ‘Purgatory’ (1997), ‘Truckers’ (2001), ‘My Wonferful Nanny’ (2004), ‘Hope is the last to die’ (2004), ‘The Unequal Marriage’ (2004 ), ‘Countdown’ (2006), ‘And the snow is falling’ (2007), ‘Hot Ice’ (2008), ‘Gust of Wind’ (short film) (2008), ‘I go out to look for you’ (2009), ‘One Family ‘(2009),’ All for You ‘(2010), etc.
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