Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

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Olesya Sudzilovskaya was born on May 20 in Zelenograd, Moscow region.

She graduated from Moscow Art Theater School in 1997 (A.Leontiev`s course).

Since 1997 she has been an actress of Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Smirnova`s Birthday’ by L. Petrushevskaya - Polina

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Katerina Ivanovna

‘Bounds of decency’ by A.Maksimov - Klimentina

‘As You Like It' by W. Shakespeare - Celia

‘The Student`s Love’ by L.Andreev - Zinaida Vasilievna

‘The Victim of the Century’ by A. Ostrovsky – Cabaret Singer

‘Enter a Free Man’ by T.Stoppard

‘Vanyushin`s Children’ by S.Naydenov - Katya

‘Drugoy Theatre’:

‘Stierlitz is walking down the corridor. - Which corridor? – Our corridor... ‘- Aleksandra

‘Theater on Malaya Bronnaya’:

‘Russian Joker’ - Angora

Production group ‘Theatre’:

‘The result is Evident’

Cinema works: ‘Mediator’ (1990), ‘Queen's Gambit’ (short film) (1999), ‘Living Pushkin’ (documentary) (1999), ‘Request Stop 1.2’ (2000-2001), ‘Scavenger’ (2001), ‘Give me the moonlight’ (2001), ‘Gangster Petersburg 5. Agent‘(2003),’ Gangster Petersburg 6. Journalist ‘(2003), ’Island Without Love‘ (2003),’ The Legend of Kashchey or In search of the Faraway Kingdom ‘(2004),’ House by the salt lake ‘(Kazakhstan) (2004),’ Scoundrels ‘(2005) ‘Girls’ (2005), ‘Jacked’ (2005), ‘End of the World’ (2006), ‘Blood Circle’ (Russia, Ukraine) (2006), ‘Flowers for the Snow Queen’ (2006), ‘Waiting for the Miracle’ (2007), ‘Boomerang’ (2008), ‘The Golden Key ‘(2008),’ The Moscow Gigolo ‘(2008),’ You and I | Finding tATu ‘(USA, Russia) (2008),’ Zhurov 1-2 ‘(2008, 2011),’ North Wind ‘(Ukraine) (2009),’ Rich Mary ‘(2010),’ Natural Selection ‘(2010),’ Husband Against His Will ‘(2011), etc.

Olesya dubbed Radha Mitchell in a movie ‘Phone Booth’ (USA) (2002)

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