Tatiana Karpova

Tatiana Karpova

People's Artist of the USSR

играет в спектаклях

Tatiana Karpova was born on January 4 in Kharkov.

She studied at Kharkov Music and Theatre School (1932-1933).

In 1938, she graduated from the Theatre School affiliated with Moscow Revolution Theatre (M. Babanova`s course).

Tatiana has been acting on the professional stage since 1933; she played at the youth theater ‘Temafor’ (until 1934).

After graduation in 1939, Tatiana Karpova joined the troupe of Revolution Theatre (in 1954 it was renamed into Mayakovsky Theatre).

People's Artist of the RSFSR (1960).

People's Artist of the USSR (25.07.1990).


‘Glory`s pets’ by A.Gladkov - Shura Azarov

‘Mother Courage and Her Children’ by B. Brecht - Catherine

‘Medea’ by Euripides - Medea

‘Queen Mother’ - Regina

‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare - Gertrude

‘The Dog in the Manger’ by Lope de Vega - Diana

‘Spring in Moscow’ by Gusev - Nadia Kovrova

‘Simple Hearts’ by K. Paustovsky – Lisa

‘Mary Stuart’ by Schiller – Rosamund, Page

‘Sons of Three Rivers' by Gusev - Aleksandra

‘Boat Woman’ by Pogodin - Shura

‘Lenushka’ by L. Leonov - Lena

‘Young Guard’ by Fadeev - Lyuba Shevtsova

‘Great Days’ by N. Virta - Tanya Shatrova

‘Tanya’ by A.Arbuzov - Tanya, Olga

‘The Circle’ by S. Maugham - Elizabeth

‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare - Lady

‘Otherwordly’ by K. Finn - Elena Petrovna

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by L. Helman - Regina

‘Sampan of Blue River’ V. Pushkov - Atuko

‘The Third Youth’ by Tur Brothers - Polyntseva

‘Apple-Tree Branch’ by V. Dobrovolsky, J. Smolyak - Nina Vorontsov

‘The Zykovs’ by Gorky - Paul

‘Legend of Love’ by N. Hikmet - Mekhmeneh Banu

‘Personal Business’ by A. Stein - Malyutina

‘Little House on the Outskirts’ Arbuzov - Lyubov

‘The Aristocrats’ by Pogodin - Sonya

‘Hotel Astoria‘ by A. Stein - Linda

‘An Hour before Dawn’ by A. Galich - Varia Kalinnikova

‘Faust and Death’ by A. Levada - Irina

‘The Ocean’ by A. Stein - Lelya

‘Spring Violins’ by A. Stein - Alevtina Nikolaevna

‘How are You Doing, Man?’ by V.Panova - A woman without a name

‘They Wait for Us Somewhere’ by Arbuzov - Valerka

‘The Defector’ by A. Tur and P. Tur - Dombrovskaya

‘The Owners of the Keys’ by M. Kundera - Alyona Nechasova

‘The Magic Password’ by D. Orlov, L. Novogudsky - Hydra of counterrevolution

‘Vanyushin`s Children’ by S.Naydenov - Claudia

‘Thought about Britannica’ by Y.Yanovsky- Hanna Ivantseva

‘Three Minutes of Martin Grow’ G. Borovik-Madame

‘It is a Family Affair-We will Settle it Ourselves’ by A. Ostrovsky - Ustinya Naumovna

‘The Long-awaited’ A. Salynsky - Claudia

‘The Seagull’ by A. Chekhov – Polina Ayndreevna

‘The Gin Game’ by D. Coburn - Fonsia Dorsey

‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ by T. Williams - Large Ma

‘Night of Angel’ A. Rozanov - Antonina Romanovna

‘Flying Birds of Passage’ A. Galin - Maksymovna

‘Jeanne’ by A. Galin - Sverchkova

‘Outhouse’ by A. Buravsky - Petrunicheva

‘Music Lessons’ by L. Petrushevskaja Anna Stepanivna

‘Who's Afraid of Ray Bradbury?’ by V.Maksimov - Goremykina

‘My Century’ by M. Laurence-Malu

‘The Little Foxes’ by L. Hellman – Regina

Tatiana Karpova played in movies just a few times. Among her best roles are Surmilova in musical comedy ‘At the stage scene’ by Konstantin Yudin and Claudia Ivanovna in the comedy ‘Mother-in-Law’ by Sergey Sploshnov.

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