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Tatiana Rogozina

Татьяна Рогозина родилась 15 октября.

Окончила ЛГИТМиК. 
С 1971 года - актриса Московского академического театра имени В.Маяковского. 
Играет в театре «У камина»

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Малыш и кот» А. Орлова – Чтец

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Дуня

«Дядюшкин сон» Ф. Достоевский – мать Васи

«Мертвые души» Н. Гоголь – Ханасарова Александра Ивановна  

Upcoming performances

  • 18 October 19:00
    «Uncle’s Dream»
  • 19 October 19:00

Tatiana Rogozina was born on October 15.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy.

Since 1971 she has been working at Mayakovsky Theater.

Tatiana also plays in a theater ‘By the fireplace.’


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Colleagues’ by Eldar Ryazanov, E. Braginsky - Secretary Vera

‘Time to Love’ by B. Laskin - Masha

‘Winter Ballad’ by A. Veytsler, A. Misharin - Katya

‘The magic password’ by D.Orlov, V. Novogudsky - Anka

‘Three Minutes of Martin Grow’ by G. Borovik - Sandy

‘The Aristocrats’ by N. Pogodin - Margo, Nina-hooligan

‘A man at his place’ by Chernykh - Tanya

‘The long-awaited’ by A. Salynsky - Leka

‘Lizard’ by Volodin - Turtle, Fish

‘Ivan Tsarevich’ by Y.Mikhailov –Varvara the housekeeper

‘The Cabinet Minister’s Wife’ by B. Nusic - Aunt Savka

‘Man of La Mancha’ by D. Derion, D. Vesserman - Anthony

‘Nightingale night’ by V. Yezhov - Inga

‘Agent 00’ by G. Borovik - Agent 00`s Wife

‘The story of Pieter Bruegel’ by T.Vasilenko - Red

The musical ‘Scarlet Sails’ - Mary.

Cinema works: ‘Masha’ (1986), ‘Day by Day’ (Photodrama) (1971), ‘People and Mannequins’ (1974), ‘The City from the morning until midnight’ (1976), ‘Garage’ (1979 ), ‘Scenes from Family Life’ (1979), ‘Farewell of Slavianka’ (1985), ‘Defender Sedov’ (short film) (1988), ‘Measure of Wisdom’ (1988), ‘Sympathy Seeker’ (1997), ‘The Return of Mukhtar’ (2003), ‘Zoned Summer’ (2003), ‘Against the Current’ (2004), ‘Adjutants of Love’ (2005), ‘My Wonderful Nanny’ (2005), ‘Three on the top’ (2006), ‘Time of Happiness’ ( 2008), ‘Next’ (2009-2011), ‘To understand and forgive’ (2009-2011), ‘Kulagin and partners’ (2009-2010), ‘Detectives’ (2009-2010), 'Ha' (little comedies, 2008-2011), ‘The prosecutor's check’ (2012), etc.



Main Stage
Staging: Leonid Heifetz
Genre: comedy

The kid and the cat

The kid and the cat

Small stage
Genre: baby theatre



Main Stage
Staging: Nikita Kobelev
Genre: Drama in 6 episodes , 30 years and 68 scandals

Uncle’s Dream

Uncle’s Dream

Main Stage
Authors: Fyodor Dostoevsky
Staging: Ekaterina Granitova
Genre: “a little thing of dove-like mildness and remarkable innocence”

Dead Souls

Dead Souls

Main Stage
Authors: Nikolay Gogol
Staging: Sergey Artsibashev
Genre: poem about Chichikov in two acts and two parts