Tatiana Akhramkova was born in Moscow. In 1986 she graduated from the Directing Department of GITIS (A.Goncharov and M.Zakharov`s course). As a student she was invited to work at Mayakovsky Theatre, where she set her graduation performance ‘Ward No. 6’ by Anton Chekhov at the small stage. Her theater director`s debut was production of ‘Circle’ by S. Maugham (1988) that remained in the repertoire for a long time.

Then came ‘The story of Pieter Bruegel’ by T.Vasilenko (1989); ‘The Madmen of Valencia’ by Lope de Vega (1990); ‘The Joke of Maecenas’ by A.Averchenko (1992); ‘Encore, Encore!’ based on N. Nekrasov`s prose and drama and P. Fedotov`s paintings (1992); ‘The Comedy of the Prince of Denmark’ based on the works of M.Pavlova, V.Doroshevich, S.Beckett and also documental materials about G. Craig`s production of ‘Hamlet’ in the Moscow Art Theatre in 1911 (1995); ‘Kean IV’ by G.Gorin; (1995), ‘The Elixir of Love’ by P. Schaeffer (1997), ‘Don Juan`s Amusements’ by M. Pavlova (Branch Theatre stage, 1997); ‘A plague on both your houses!’ by G.Gorin (1998); ‘Not about nightingales’ by Tennessee Williams (2001); ‘The Master Builder’ by Ibsen (2002); ‘Dwarf’ by P.Lagerkvist (2004). Improvisation and understanding of the author's style are features of this especially skilled and talented director. Her works are distinguished by pure taste, lyricism, extremely appropriate, deep and sophisticated musical texture.

Performances by Tatiana Ahramkovoy were often awarded prizes. Thus, ‘Kean IV’ won the ‘Golden Ostap’ and ‘Crystal Turandot’ for Best Actor. ‘Don Juan`s Amusements’ was awarded the prize of the newspaper ‘Moskovsky Komsomolets’, ‘Love Potion’ received Award ‘Seagull’ for Best Female Duo.

Since 1989 Tatiana has been working at the Department of Drama Directing (GITIS), giving lessons to students of acting and directing courses of M.Zakharov.

In 2004 she staged ‘Paris asleep’ at La'Teatre (private theatre company).

In 2005-2008 Tatiana was the artistic director of Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. She staged plays ‘Evgraf adventurer’ by A. Faiko (2006), ‘Cuba, my love!’ by M. Bartenev (2007), ‘Love Martyrs’ after Pushkin and Mikhail Glinka (2008).


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