Stage director , Art Director

Little Drama Theater (St. Petersburg )

He was born on November 10, 1953 in Stalinsk (now - Novokuznetsk , Kemerovo region ) .

He graduated from the philological faculty of Tomsk State University (1977); and Drama department of the Novosibirsk Theatre School (1980) ; also the course of directing drama with honors in Saint Petersburg State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (workshop of Tovstonogov) ,(1987). He trained and taught acting course at the workshop of AI Katzman ( 1987-1989 ) .

He collaborated with “the Moscow studio led by Yevgeny Arye " (hereinafter - the theater "Gesher" ); with the Finnish drama theater (Petrozavodsk) , where he released the acting and directing course ( 1992).

He taught at the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy ( branch " InterStudio ") since 1994, where he released a course on the basis of which The Small Drama Theatre was created  in 1999  . There were played the following performances staged by Lev Ehrenburg: "In Madrid ! In Madrid " by H. Milyanu , " An Orchestra " Jean Anouilh , " The Lower Depths "by M. Gorky , " Ivanov " and " Three Sisters " by Anton Chekhov .

He staged " Vassa Zheleznova " based on the play by Maxim Gorky and "Crime and Punishment " based on the novel F Dostoevsky in the Moscow Art Theatre .(Chekhov stage).

He worked as an actor in the Theatre for young spectators (Novosibirsk) ,  and  in The Chita Drama Theatre. He also starred in several Russian films (including - "The war" A. Balabanov ) .

Now he teaches the acting course at the Baltic Institute of Foreign Languages ; also he conducts master classes at the Prague Theatre Institute (Czech Republic) .

Lev Ehrenburg  is the nominee and the winner of the Higher National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" : for the play "The Lower Depths " (2006); for the play "The Storm" ( The Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theatre . , 2007); for the play "Vassa Zheleznova" ( Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre  , 2010, nominee ); for the play "Three Sisters" (Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre  011, nominee ) .

He staged “ Without dowry” by A. Ostrovskiy in The Mayakovsky  Theatre.


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