Aleksander Ogarev graduated from the theater department of the Institute of Arts in the city of Voronezh. As an actor he worked at theaters of Grodno, Krasnodar, Togliatti.

In 1993, he graduated from GITIS with a degree in ‘Drama Theatre Director’ (Anatoly Vasilyev's course) and was admitted to the theater ‘School of Dramatic Art’ as a trainee director. Since 1995, he has been on the staff of the theatre as director.

At the School of Dramatic Arts he staged the ‘Miracle of the Goldfinch’ based on Arseny Tarkovsky's poem (2007), ‘Little Russian Songs’ based on texts by Nikolai Gogol, Joseph Brodsky, B.Okudzhava, Y.Morits, D.Prigov, A. Vasiliev, N.Kudryashov and others (2008), ‘Guidon’ (together with O.Glushkov) - an opera for chorus by A.Manotsky based on D. Harms` poems. (2009).

As an actor he plays in performances of School of Dramatic Art ‘From Onegin`s Trip’, ‘Pushkin party’, ‘The Miracle of the Goldfinch’, ‘Little Russian Songs’, ‘The Death of the wild warrior.’

As Anatoly Vasiliev's assistant he participated in the creation of the plays ‘Pushkin party’, ‘Fiery Furnace’, in the reconstruction of the performance ‘From Onegin`s Trip’.

He played in performances directed by Anatoly Vasilyev ‘Feast,’ ‘Mozart and Salieri’, ‘Iliad’, ‘The Seagull. Act 4’, ‘Fiorenza’, ‘Joseph and His Brothers,’ ‘The Idiot’, ‘O. Wilde`s Aesthetic articles’ and others.

He taught the method of Anatoly Vasiliev for foreign trainees of the School of Dramatic Art from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Israel, etc.

Aleksander was A.Vasilev`s assistant in drama school in Saint-Etienne (France) and in Masters Theatre school in Fagagna (Italy).

He worked with a group of Richard Thomas from Grotovsky's theater center in Pantadere.

At the Russian Academic Youth Theatre Aleksander staged ‘The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams (2001), ‘Lord of the Flies’ by W. Golding (2005), ‘Winter’ by E.Grishkovets. (2006).

At Moscow Pushkin Theater he staged ‘Floating Light Bulb’ by V.Allen (2003), ‘The Priest's Children’ by M.Matishich (2004), and ‘Ladies` Dressmaker’ by G.Feydeau (2008).

At the National Theatre of Split (Croatia) staged ‘The Bald Soprano’ by Eugene Ionesco (2007), ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (2009), ‘Hamlet’; at the theater Gavella in Zagreb - ‘The Blizzard’ by Pushkin (2007).

Aleksander is the director of performances ‘Bald Soprano’ by Eugene Ionesco (New Drama Theatre, Moscow, 2003), ‘Paper Marriage’ by M. Slutsky and S. Bodrov (Entreprise Art, 2005), ‘My wife's husband’ by M.Gavran ( Art Agency, 2006), ‘Five Evenings’ by A. Volodin (‘Sovremennik’, Moscow, 2006), ‘Libido’ by A.Chugunov (Project of Theatre House ‘Ecumene’ 2006), ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare (2005 ) and ‘Three Sisters’ by Anton Chekhov (2010) in Vladimir Oblast Drama Theatre, ‘Spring Storm’ by T. Williams (2007) and ‘Blizzard’ by A. Pushkin (2009) in Belgorod Shchepkin Academic Theater, ‘Snowstorm’ by A. Pushkin (2009) and ‘Bumbarash’ by V.Dashkevich and Y. Kim (2010) at Omsk Academic Drama Theatre, ‘Spring Storm’ by T. Williams (Moscow Yermolova Theatre, 2010), ‘In Dead Poets Society ‘E.Narshi ( Drugoy Theatre, Moscow, 2010).

In the summer of 2011, Aleksander Ogarev headed Krasnodar Drama Theatre.


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