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Small stage 16+

Genre: love story

Author: Yury Yurchenko

Staging: Vadim Dantsiger

Creators: Choreography / , Scenography / Vadim Dantsiger


Ангел №1, скрипка - Светлана Колотинская; Ангел №2, аккордеон - Алексей Качалин

Upcoming performances:

The characters of this play are people of the modern time, dreamers, who are exploring the roads and crossroads of Europe that suddenly opened to them. A single man and a single woman meet accidentally at Lake Geneva in symbolically neutral Switzerland surrounded by borders (with Germany, France, Italy and so on) on all sides. She speaks several languages but is always and everywhere a stranger, just like him. What will this meeting bring them?

The premiere performance took place on 20 February 2005.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • The Bermudas
  • The Bermudas
  • The Bermudas
  • The Bermudas