The Caucasian chalk circle

The Caucasian chalk circle

The Caucasian chalk circle


Author: Bertolt Brecht

Staging: Nikita Kobelev

Creators: Set design / Mikhail Kramenko, Costumes / , Musical director and arranger / Nikolay Orlovsky, Choreographer / Alexander Andriyashkin, Sound / , Lighting / Igor Kapustin, Translation / , / , vocal coach /

продолжительность: 3 ч 15 мин с одним антрактом


Thu 19:00

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"The Caucasian chalk circle" – is a long way of girl, named Grushe, who is saving the life of someone else's child, contrary to all the laws and common sense and the anger of others. When the world turns into the War and everyone is looking for only their own truth, Grushe is one of the few persons who are still capable on noble and fearless path towards truth.

She is pursued, she is betrayed and used, and her salvation and the highest measure of justice there are in the hands of a quite unexpected person.

There are: jazz road-movie across the vasts of Georgia, which is established by the laws of epic theater of Brecht, and the journey full of danger, live music and excitement of those who are ready to fight for the Truth. After all, only those who are on the edge of doom could see it most clearly.

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