Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons

Genre: a play in 2 acts (based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev "Fathers and Sons")

Author: Brian Friel

Staging: Leonid Heifetz

Creators: Art director / Vladimir Arefiev, Costume / , Director's assistant / Lyakhovitsky Lyakhovitsky, Author of the translation /

продолжительность: 2 ч 45 мин с одним антрактом

Дорогие зрители, просим Вас обратить внимание, что рассадка зрителей на спектаклях сентября будет осуществляться 2 через 2 кресла, что обеспечит соблюдение необходимой дистанции. В случае, если Вы бы хотели приобрести один билет, либо посетить спектакль группой, просим Вас предварительно обратиться в кассу Театра по телефонам: (495) 690-46-58, 690-62-41

Помните: если вы приобретаете один билет, рядом с Вами может оказаться посторонний человек.


Mon 19:00

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Spectators will be put on the wooden porch, where the summer sun will look through the linen curtains. Turgenev's heroines (just like Jane Austin's type girls) will be getting of the scorching heat with  broad-brim elegant hats, lace umbrellas, homemade ice cream and cold water from the stream just flowing in the middle of the scene. Romances by Beethoven will be a great accompaniment of birdsongs. It was this breathable of warmth and comfort house, where no one wants to talk about politics or public views, and where Arkadiy Kirsanov with his friend – Bazarov suddenly appears in May, 1859.

For all of us Bazarov was a man without fear or reproach, who embodies the best features of a man - so we were brought up on reading and learning the novel of Turgenev. But this character is not so clear. People suffering from this ruthless, merciless and cruel man, but most of all, it seems, he is suffering by himself... His life is redeemed by the death, but higher than the death can only be only the love: the love is above the Revolution, above all thinking, even thinking about the fate of the people. Bazarov ran from the love, he laughed at it and as a result - he stumbled, and the love laughed at him.


The premiere took place on October 31, 2014.

The performance lasts 3hours.

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