The Price

The Price

The Price

Genre: drama in two acts

Author: Arthur Miller

Staging: Leonid Heifetz

Creators: Set design / Vladimir Arefiev, Assistant director / Lyakhovitsky Lyakhovitsky, Lighting / , Sound / , Translator / Viktor Denisov

продолжительность: 2 ч 30 мин с одним антрактом

Дорогие зрители, просим Вас обратить внимание, что рассадка зрителей на спектаклях сентября будет осуществляться 2 через 2 кресла, что обеспечит соблюдение необходимой дистанции. В случае, если Вы бы хотели приобрести один билет, либо посетить спектакль группой, просим Вас предварительно обратиться в кассу Театра по телефонам: (495) 690-46-58, 690-62-41

Помните: если вы приобретаете один билет, рядом с Вами может оказаться посторонний человек.


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16 years after the death of his father a policeman Victor decides to sell all his remaining furniture. This furniture is the witness of those times when the father was still rich and the family was together and there was no sign of coming ruin. His wife Esther and he recall how Victor wanted to pursue science but had to stark working to support his father. His brother Walter, on the contrary, did not sacrifice anything and became a successful surgeon. It is the first time they meet after 16 years in order to tell each other their versions of the story, their reasons. Together with an appraiser, a ninety-year old man who his own complicated story they try to estimate the actual price of the house furniture and the price of their own lives.

„Why am I staging this play? I have been rereading it and have realized that it is in tune with the moment of life, in which I am leaving. Arthur Miller’s reflections on life and its price, on what actually determines person’s happiness and what does not are really familiar to me. All of us pronounce the word ‘love’ in our lives. We blabber and blabber: love, love, love… But we do not always have time to understand what love really is, and what is most important that it is happiness if it exists and a misfortune if it is betrayed or if we don’t have it. The price of life is the price of love. Of love between a husband and a wife, a brother and a sister, a son and a father, a daughter and a mother.”

Leonid Efimovich Heifets

The premiere performance took place on 29 November 2012.

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes 

пресса о спектакле премии и номинации

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·      Участник XIV Международного Волковского фестиваля (г. Ярославль, 2013)

·      Лауреат XII Московской театральной премии «Гвоздь сезона» (2014)