Miriam Sekhon

Miriam Sekhon

играет в спектаклях


Sat 18:00Russian novel

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Sat 18:00Russian novel

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She was born on September 21, 1983 in Moscow.


She had been traveling with an International theater, where her father worked as an actor and her mother as a costumier, around the world from the time she was 6. She danced and sang there.

Miriam returned to Moscow to finish her study at the school in 1994. Then she finished the courses of the Soros Contemporary Art Institute.

She graduated from the Directing Department of The Russian University of Theatre Arts (the acting group, workshop of Sergey Zhenovach) in 2005.

Miriam is an actress of "Theatrical Art Studio" from 2005.

Also in 2006 she founded the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Tatiana" in the repertoire of which there are songs of 30-60-ies.

Miriam was a vocalist of Green Point Orchestra and band “Race to Space” (2001-2012).

She created the solo project “Voice Memo” in 2013.

Miriam played the Moon in the performance "How would you like it" and the girl in the play "Ob-lo-mov-ness ..."




"Theatrical Art Studio"

«Marienbad» by Sholem Aleichem – Beyl`tsya Kurlender

"Boys" by F. Dostoevskiy - Ninochka

"Decayed family" by N. Leskov - Antonida Petrovna Hotetova, Ksenia Matveevna

"Notebooks" by M. Chekhov – an Actress

"Moscow-Petushki" by V.Erofeev – an Angel from Heaven


The Mayakovsky Theater:

"Russian novel" M. Ivaškevičius - Anna Karenina; Lady; Woman; Madlen



Roles in movies: "The branch of lilac" (2007), "Plus One" (2008), "Minor details of an accidental episode" (short film) (2011), "The connection of things" (short film) (2011), "Moscow 2017" (2012), "Sunstroke" (2014), "Pyotr Leshchenko. All that was ... "(2013)," The long way to home "(2013)

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