Rasmi Jabrailov

Rasmi Jabrailov

Meritorious artist of Russia

Расми Халидович родился 8 декабря в Касумкенте, Дагестан.

В 1955 году окончил актёрский факультет, а в 1961 году – режиссёрский факультет ГИТИСа – курс А.А. Гончарова.

В 1955-1956 годах – актёр Лезгинского драмтеатра имени С. Стальского в Дербенте, в 1961-1962 – второй режиссёр киностудии «Таджикфильм».

В 1962-1963 – режиссёр Дагестанского русского театра имени М. Горького в Махачкале и главный режиссёр Даргинского театра имени О. Батырая в Избербаше.

В 1963-1964 – режиссёр Тульского областного театра имени М. Горького.

С 1964 года – актёр Театра на Таганке.

С 1993 года – в театре «Содружество актеров Таганки».

С 2002 года актер Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Плоды просвещения» Л. Толстой – Старый повар

«Таланты и поклонники» А. Островский – Ераст Громилов

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – Жевакин

играет в спектаклях

Rasmi Jabrailov was born on December 8, 1932 in Kasumkent, Dagestan.

In 1955 he graduated from the Acting Department and in 1961 from the Directing department of GITIS (A Goncharov`s course).

In 1955-1956 Rasmi Jabrailov was an actor of Lezgin Drama Theater (S.Stalsky theatre) in Derbent, in 1961-1962 he worked as second director of the studio ‘Tajikfilm.’

In 1962-1963 he was director of the Dagestan Russian Gorky Theater in Makhachkala and principal director of the Dargin Theatre named after O.Batyray in Izberbashe.

In 1963-1964 Rasmi worked as director of the Tula Regional Theater named after Gorky.

In 1964 he started working at Taganka Theater and in 1993 at the theatre Community of Taganka Actors.

Since 2002 he has been an actor of Mayakovsky Theatre.

Meritorious artist of the Russian Federation.


Laureate of the State Prize for literature and art of the Russian Federation, 1999.


Taganka Theater:

‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare - musicians and courtiers, second Gravedigger

‘Listen!’ by Mayakovsky

‘House on the Embankment’ by Trifonov - Important Person

‘Ten Days That Shook the World’ based on the novel by J.Reed

‘The Lower Depths’ by M. Gorky - Tartar

‘Alive’ by B. Mozhaev – Old man Filat

‘Crime and Punishment’ by F. Dostoevsky - Marmeladov

‘The Good Person of Szechwan’ by B. Brecht - Lin To, Carpenter

‘The Exchange’ by Y.Trifonov - Plumber

‘The Mother’ by Maxim Gorky - Isai Gorbov

‘Fallen and the Living’ - Critic, Professor Burstein

‘Under the Skin of the Statue of Liberty’ by E.Evtushenko - The Eternal Student

‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’ by G. Baklanov, Y.Lyubimov - Sysolyatin

‘The Suicide’ by N. Erdman – The Fourth

‘Comrade, Believe ...’ Y. Lyubimov, L. Tselikovskaya - for Pushkin

‘What Is To Be Done?’ N. Chernyshevsky - Rozalsky Pavel K.

‘Vladimir Vysotsky’

Mayakovsky Theatre (past theatre):

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Fetyukovitch

Rasmi Jabrailov first appeared in a film in 1962 at the studio ‘Tajikfilm’ playing a major role in a movie ‘Obsessed.’ Four years later he performed a role of Yurtaikin in the famous S.Govorukhin`s film ‘Vertical’. Later during his creative life on screen he participated almost in seventy films where he created a gallery of little people - pharmacists, gangsters, petty officials, merchants, his cameo was always remarkable due to an exceptional temperament and bright appearance of the actor. His film career includes such films as ‘Caliph-Stork’ (Rogue), ‘Lautaro’ (Yanka ‘God’s trumpet’), ‘Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat’ (Tarykin), ‘Cabbages and Kings’ (barber Esteban Delgado), ‘A tale told at night ‘(Pharmacist),’ Was there any Carotene ‘(McGregor),’ Captain Blood ‘(Gunner Ned Ogle) and many others. In recent years, he starred in such popular films as ‘House of Fools’ by A. Konchalovsky, ‘My Wonderful Nanny’, ‘Luba, children and the plant’, ‘Captain’s Children’, ‘Publish without delay 2’. Rasmi Jabrailov is going to play the role of Loshak in a mysterious series ‘Pharmacist’ which is in production. 
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