Daria Poverennova

Daria Poverennova

Дарья Повереннова родилась 15 июня в Москве.

Окончила Театральное училище имени Б. Щукина в 1994 году.

С 1994 года – актриса Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Кавказский меловой круг» Б. Брехт – Нателла Абашвили

«Чудаки» М. Горький – Ольга

играет в спектаклях


Mon 19:00The Caucasian chalk circle

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Wed 19:00The Eccentrics

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Daria Poverennova was born on June 15 in Moscow.

She graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre Academy in 1994.

Since 1994 she has been working at Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘As You Like It' by W. Shakespeare - Rosalind

‘Vanyushin's Children’ by S.Naydenov - Katya

‘The student`s Love’ by L.Andreev - Anna Ivanovna

‘The Victim of the century’ by A. Ostrovsky - Cabaret Sibger

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin - Eloquent`s wife, The One Singing in the afternoon

‘The Adventures of Buratino’ by A.Tolstoy - Alice Fox

‘My Century’ by M.Lorans - Faustin

‘Bounds of decency’ by Maksimov - Cecil

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Agrafena Alexandrovna

‘Three Sister' by Anton Chekhov - Masha

Production Company of Anatoly Voropaev:

‘New Lease of Life’ - Daughter

‘Fallen Angels’

‘Our Earthmen Friends’

The project ‘Theatre Marathon’:

‘An Ideal Husband’

Cinema Works: ‘Lost in Siberia’ (1991), ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ (USA) (1992), ‘Summer of Love | Lato milosci’ (Poland, Belarus) (1994), ‘Venetian Mirror’ (short film) (1994), ‘A Bourgeois` Birthday-1, 2’ (1998, 2000), ‘DMB’ (2000), ‘Turetsky's March’ (2000), ‘The trajectory of butterflies’ (2000), ‘Request Stop 2’ (2001), ‘Brigade’ (2002), ‘Words and Music’ (2003), ‘Why do you need an alibi?’ (2003), ‘Kostya Gumankov`s Paris Love’ (2004), ‘Do not Forget’ (2005), ‘Girl from the North ‘(2006),’ Better not to know this‘(Ukraine, Russia) (2006),’ The weaknesses of a strong woman ‘(2006),’ Passion for Cinema ‘(2006),’ Guardian Angel ‘(Ukraine) ( 2006-2007), ‘Bet’ (2008), ‘Petrovka, 38. Petrovsky`s Team‘(2008),’ The Sword ‘(2009), ’A Mysterious Tomorrow of Fate‘(2010),’ Euphrosyne ‘(2010),’ When Mountains Fall ‘(2011),’ The Game‘ (2011),’ Family Hearth ‘ (2011), ‘Family Detective’ (2011), ‘Jamaica’ (in production), ‘Antique’ (in production), etc.

Official website:www.daryapoverennova.ru

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