Galina Anisimova

Galina Anisimova

People’s Artist of the USSR

Родилась 17 июля в самом центре Москвы.

Окончила Высшее театральное училище им. Б.В. Щукина.

Училась во ВГИКе – курс Бабочкина Б.А. и Алисовой Н.

С 1952 года работает в Театре им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Маяковский идет за сахаром» С. Денисова – Лиля Юрьевна Брик

«Мёртвые души» Н. Гоголь ­– Дама, приятная во всех отношениях

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – Арина Пантелеймоновна

«Плоды просвещения» Л. Толстой – Толстая барыня

играет в спектаклях


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Sun 18:00The Fruits of Culture

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Galina Anisimova was born on July 17 in the heart of Moscow.

She graduated from The Vakhtangov Theatre Academy.

She studied at the Russian State University of Cinematography (course of B.Babochkin and N. Alisova)

Since 1952 he has been working at Mayakovsky Theater.


The Vakhtangov Theatre Academy scholarship holder.

Excellence in cultural patronage of Armed Forces (1965)

People’s Artist of the USSR (1980)

Honour Badge (1986)

Order of Friendship (1998)

War Veteran (2001)

Veteran of Labour (2007)

Medal ‘50 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.’ (1995)

Medal ‘65 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.’ (2010)

In 2004, for her great contribution to the development of theatrical art Galina Anisimova was awarded the Order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’ IV class.

The Order of Honour (2013)


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘My Century’ by M. Laurence - Marelle

‘The Fruits of Enlightenment’ by Leo Tolstoy - Fat lady

‘The Student`s Love’ by L. Andreev - Evdokia Antonovna

‘The Cabinet Minister’s Wife’ by B. Nusic - Jivka

‘Tanya’ by A.Arbuzov - Olya

‘Legend of Love’ by N. Hikmet - Shirin

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by L. Helman - Loretta Cincy

‘Zhurbiny’ by V.Kochetov, S.Kara - Tonya

‘Personal business’ by A. Stein - Mariana

‘The Bedbug’ by Mayakovsky - Doctor

‘An hour before dawn’ by Galich - Varia Kalinnikova

‘Gardener and Shadow’ by L.Leonov - Masha

‘Chair number 16’ by D. Ugriumov - Yulia Trepetova

‘Apple-tree Branch’ by V. Dobrovolsky, Y.Smolyak - Student

‘Little House on the Outskirts’ by Arbuzov - Nadejda

‘Straight Talk’ by Zorin - An employee of the Institute

‘A Long Road’ by A.Arbuzov - Lily Bregman

‘A retired person’ by A.Sofronov - Nina

‘With no return address’ A.Sofronov - Tanya

‘Hamlet’ by W. Shakespeare - Ophelia

‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Chekhov - Anya

‘Hotel Astoria’ by A.Stein - Pauline

‘Irkutsk Story’ A.Arbuzov - Tanya

‘Seeing off the White Nights’ by V.Panova - Tamara

‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ by Brecht - Grusha

‘Spring Violins’ by A.Stein - Kate Dotsenko

‘Modern boys’ by M.Shatrov - Nina

‘They Wait for Us Somewhere’ by A.Arbuzov - Nastya

‘The Aristocrats’ by N. Pogodin - Margaret I.

‘A handful of Pebbles’ by A.Salynsky - Greta

‘The Owners of the Keys’ by M. Kundera - Vera

‘How Are you Doing, Man?’ by V.Panova - Woman

‘Faust and Death’ by A.Levada - Svetlana

‘A Little student’ by N. Pogodin - Zina Praschina

‘Escape from the Night’ by Brothers Tur- Elena

‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by N. Pogodin-Vetkina

‘Clinical record’ by B.Laskin - Tamara

‘Time to Love’ by B.Lasin - Tanya

‘A touch of the poet’ by Eugene O’Neill - Sarah Melody

‘Two Comrades’ by V.Voynovich - Mother

‘Talents and Admirers’ by Ostrovsky - Smelskaya

‘Vanyushin’s Children’ by S.Naydenov - Avdotia

‘Maria’ by A.Salynsky - Bezverkha

‘The End of the Sixth Book’ by E.Broshkevich - Anna

‘A Streetcar named Desire’ by T. Williams - Eunice

‘Colleagues’ by E.Braginsky, E.Ryazanov - Kalugina

‘The Civil Case’ by S.Aleshin - Baykova

‘Conversations with Socrates’ by E. Radzinsky - Xanthippe

‘Energetic People’ by V.Shukshin - Vera Sergeevna

‘Efficiency of obsession’ by Y.Volchek - Zadorozhnaya

‘Feast of Souls’ by I.Drutse - Veta

‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District’ by N.Leskov - Aksinya

‘Immoral Story’ by E.Braginsky, E.Ryazanov - Elena Maksymivna

‘Life of Klim Samgin’ by Gorky - Zotova

‘Look who is here!’ by V.Arro - Sophia Ignatyevna

‘Law of wintering’ by B.Gorbatov - Olga Navrotskaya

‘Sunset’ by Isaac Babel - Madame Popyatnik, Evdokia Potapovna

‘Music Lessons’ by L. Petrushevskaya - Taissia P.

Cinema works: ‘The Marriage’ (Photodrama) (2007), ‘Music Lessons’ (Photodrama) (1990), ‘Look who is here!’ (Photodrama) (1987), ‘Life of Klim Samgin’ (Photodrama) (1986), ‘Dear Edison!’ (1986), ‘Law of wintering’ (Photodrama) (1984), ‘Simple Girl’ (Photodrama) (1980), ‘The Boy with the sword’ ( 1975), ‘Collegues’ (Photodrama) (1973), ‘Talents and Admirers’ (Photodrama) (1971), ‘Everything remains for people’ (1963), ‘Ershov Brothers’ (1960). Documentary: ‘The moth of Lucien Ovchinnikov ‘(2011),’ Lucien Ovchinnikov. Life in waiting for Love ‘(2008),’ Lest we forget... ‘(1999).

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