Valeria Zabegaeva

Valeria Zabegaeva

Валерия Забегаева родилась 2 октября в Вологде.

В 2000 году окончила актерский факультет РАТИ (ГИТИС) − курс В. Андреева, принята в труппу Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Все мои сыновья» А. Миллер – Сью Бейлис

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Фаня Бойко

«Маэстро» К. Чапек – Карла

«Дядюшкин сон» Ф. Достоевский – Настасья Петровна Зяблова

«Дети портят отношения» Ж. Летраз – Анриетта Фонтанж

«Развод по-мужски» Н. Саймон – Бланш

«Мёртвые души» Н. Гоголь – дама на балу

«Женитьба» Н. Гоголь – хор

играет в спектаклях

Valeria Zabegaeva was born on October 2 in Vologda.

In 2000, she graduated from the Acting Department of GITIS (V.Andreev`s course) and started working at Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘The Victim of the century’ by Ostrovsky – Cabaret Singer

‘As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare - the crowd scenes

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky - Chorus and Orchestra

‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolai Gogol – Guests and Servants

Valeria first appeared on screen in a famous TV series ‘My wonderful Nanny’, playing a nurse, Vika`s old friend (2004-2008 year). In the same period she played in such films as ‘Kulagin and partners,’ ‘Happy Together’ (Anya), ‘Law & Order’ (Lyudmila), ‘Volkov`s Hour’ (Lily), ‘Fire of Love’ (Nina), ‘The Apostle’ (a German Bert), ‘Champion’, ‘Collected Works’ and others. Her recent roles are Natalia Yezhova in the ‘Wood Grouse-2’, Inna in ‘Ranetki’, Antonova in ‘Women Lawers’. She also played in ‘The eggs of Fate’, ‘City of temptations,’ ‘Lone Wolf’, ‘The Elixir of Death,’ ‘Daddy’s Girls.’ In 2010, she played the leading role of Barbara in a comedic melodrama ‘Love and other nonsense.’ Her latest roles are Svetlana in the series ‘Amazon’ (2011) and Valentina Morozova in the ‘Closed School’ (2011-2012).
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