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LIEBE. Schiller

LIEBE. Schiller

LIEBE. Schiller

Genre: variations on the play

Author: Friedrich Schiller

Staging: Yuri Butusov

Creator: director`s assistant / Eugenia Eugenia

продолжительность: Зч 20м

"Where is the beauty? Where I would wish with all my will; where I want to love and to die just to make the image not disembodied one. To love and to die - it is good for eternity. To want love - it means to want the death".

Friedrich Nietzsche


The play was created from the student etudes made by graduates students (workshop of S. Zhenovich from The Russian University of Theatre Arts). The teacher of the course - director Yuriy Butusov saw that etudes as the basis for the creation of future stage action. The play was included in the repertoire of The Lensoviet Academic Theatre. Within the framework of a joint project  between The Lensoviet Academic Theatre  and The Mayakovsky Theater the play will go on stage Sretenke since January 2015.


"Robbers" by Schiller - the play filled with overflowing emotions, inhuman ambitions, passions, clothed in a refined, sophisticated and brutal poetry - has been uncovered in unexpected key.

Five actresses play about love - profound lyrical confession of impossible desire. As a result, from the play by Schiller was isolated the most important thing that is worth living: the family line, the theme of love, crime, and - most importantly - forgiveness. Because true love («LIEBE») forgives the all, although it is horrible.


The roles of the actresses are fixed arbitrarily in «LIEBE. Schiller». Every of them has a main theme: Franz - Natalia Ushakova, Carl - Eugenia Gromova, a delightful old man in his wretchedness Moore - Vera Panfilova. A luxury prostitute (and the Death) is represented by Julia Solomatina and bespectacled eccentric Spiegelberg – is represented by Polina Pushkaruk. However, each of the actresses sometimes will be Amalia - daring, sensual, devoting her love, fateful, quirky and tender.


In the framework of the 5th International Festival of theatrical debut «Tylos!» (Vilnius, Lithuania) this performance won the first place in the category "Best Performance" in 2013 (director - Yuriy Butusov). The award in the category "Best Actress" was awarded to Natalia Ushakova.

The premiere took place 23 January 2014.

The performance lasts 1 hour 45 minutes.

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