Director, teacher


Olga was born on March 8, 1988 in Klaipeda (Lithuania).

She graduated from the directing department of The Russian University of Theatre Arts, workshop of O. Kudryashov in 2011.

Olga graduated from the National University of Mexico, received the master’s degree of theatrical pedagogy (R & D - "Dialectics of the ensemble and the individual") in 2014.

Olga works as a director and theater teacher in Lithuania and abroad.

She is a twice winner of Lithuania's most prestigious theater prize "Golden Cross" (for the production of "Magic crayon" in the Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania (2011) and "Dear uncle from the amusement park" (T. Jansson) in the Small Theatre of Lithuania under command of R.Tuminasa (2012)).


She put a sketch of the play "Troilus and Cressida", noted by the jury prize for the best director, in The Russian University of Theatre Arts in 2009. As the second teacher she led a master class in acting skills and directing at "Nico Pepe" Civic Academy of Dramatic Arts (Udine, Italy).

She participated in the Laboratory of young directors in Samara, where she made a sketch of the play "Hemul who loved the silence" (2010).

She conducted a series of master classes in the acting skills in Italy (in the framework of «Etica» Festival (art director - prof. Yuriy Alshits) in Sestola, 2013), France (in ARTA research center, Paris, 2014), and others.

Olga staged "Last passionate lover" (N.Saymon) (2010) and "Russian book" (for vocal cycle of V. Gavrilin) ​​(2014); as well as plays for children: "The magic crayon" (S. Hoppe) (2011), "New Year's Concert" (2012), "Yoon and Sophus, or Golden Knight" and the play "New Detective" (2013), "New Year in the circus "(based on the works of D. Kharms) (2014); she organized the festivals: "School House" (2011) and "Theatre - Children" (2013) in The Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania.

Olga staged the children's performance “Factory of words” in The Mayakovsky Theater.


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