Polina Struzhkova was born on December 10, 1985 in Moscow.

In 2002, she graduated from the Moscow International Film School. During the training she took part in the projects ‘Holocaust’ (Russia-Poland-Belarus) and ‘Freedom’ (Russia-USA), in films ‘Ash pounding in the heart’ and ‘Roll Call’, in expeditions to the colonies for minors, productions of ‘The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston‘,’ The Nutcracker ‘(Russian-Italian project),’ The Servant of Two Masters ‘(project’ You Are Not Alone ‘), etc.

In 2007 she graduated from the Directing Department of GITIS (O. Kudryashov's workshop. Her graduation performance was ’King Thrushbeard’, based on Brothers Grimm's tale (Russian Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia).


2006 - ‘The King Thrushbeard’ based on Brothers Grimm's fairy tale (Russian Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia)

2008 - ‘Going to the Ugry-La Breck’ by T. Tidholm, Young Spectator`s Theatre, Nizhny Novgorod (festivals ‘Golden Turnip - 2008’, Samara, ‘Harlequin’, St. Petersburg; ‘Big Break’, Moscow);

2008 - ‘Night Dances’ based on tales from the collection of A. Afanasyev, Young Spectator`s Theatre, Nizhny Novgorod;

2009 - ‘Christmas spirits’ by Charles Dickens, Russian Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia;

2010 - ‘Red Riding Hood’ by J. Pommerat, SamART, Samara (festivals ‘Golden Turnip - 2010’ and ‘Big Break’);

2010 - ‘Moomin opera’ based on T. Jansen's novel ‘Dangerous Summer’ Theatre of the Spassky, Kirov (the festival ‘Harlequin’);

2010 - ‘Winter's Tale’ based on Kozlov's fairy tales, Young Spectator`s Theatre, Ekaterinburg;

2011 - ‘The Wild Dog Dingo, or a Tale of First Love,’ based on the novel by R. Fraerman, theater, ‘Northern Stage,’ Novy Urengoy;

2011 - The ‘Tales of the peoples of the world,’ theater ‘Northern Stage,’ Novy Urengoy;

2011 - ‘Chuck and Huck’ by A. Gaidar, ‘Globe’, Novosibirsk (the festival ‘Golden Turnip - 2012’);

2012 - ‘Tim Thaler, or the Traded Laughter’ by J. Kruss, Young Spectator`s Theatre, Krasnoyarsk;

2012 - ‘A wonderful show, or something to be ...’ based on the screenplay ‘Cinderella’ by E. Schwartz, Chekhov Center, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk;

2013 - ‘The Queen Gwendolyn’ J. Darzi, Theatre for Young People, Krasnoyarsk.

At Mayakovsky Theater Polina is working on a musical performance ‘Mother Cat’ based on L. Sepulveda's novel.


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