Tatiana Orlova

Tatiana Orlova

Татьяна Орлова родилась 1 июля.

В 1977 году окончила ГИТИС − курс А.А. Гончарова. С того же года — в труппе Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Московский хор» Л. Петрушевская – Нета

«Русский роман» М. Ивашкявичюс – Аксинья; Чертков

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Рахиль

«На чемоданах» Х. Левин – Проститутка

играет в спектаклях


Sun 18:00

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Thu 19:00Berdichev

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Sat 18:00Russian novel

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Tatiana was born on July 1.

In 1977, she graduated from GITIS (A. Goncharov's course). In the same year she joined the troupe of Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov - Masha

‘The Blonde’ by A. Volodin - Nina

‘Flying birds of passage’ by A.Galin - Lyuba

‘Sunset’ by Isaac Babel - Madame Weiner

‘The story of Pieter Bruegel’ by T.Vasilenko - Quiet

‘Victoria…?’ by T.Rattigan - Catherine Mechem, Francesca

‘Comedy about Prince of the Denmark’ by M.Pavlova, V.Doroshevich, Samuel Beckett - The actress who plays Gertrude

‘Return of the unknown’ bu S.Karas - Antigone

‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District’ by N.Leskov - Marfa

‘Rumors’ by A. Salynsky - Marfa Bordova

‘Ivan Tsarevich’ by Y.Mikhaylov - Varvara

‘The Secret of the Old Cabinet’ by C. Lewis - White Witch

‘The Fruits of Enlightenment’ by L.Tolstoy - Cook

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’ by T.Stoppard - Gertrude

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin – Red`s wife, mother-in-law

‘The Elixir of Love’ by P.Shaffer - Mr. Bardolf, the museum visitor

‘The Victim of the Century’ by A. Ostrovsky - Mikhevna, Pivokurova

‘Successful bargain’

‘Don Juan's Amusements’ by M.Pavlova - Maria, the fourth lady

‘The Transparent Apples, or Truth is Good but Happiness is Better’ by A. Ostrovsky – Mavra Tarasovna Barabosheva

Cinema works: ‘Love your neighbour’ (1988), ‘Music Lessons’ (Photodrama) (1990), ‘Women's slammer’ (1991), ‘The Game’ (1992), ‘Do you remember the smell of lilac’ (1992) ‘Staring Down’ (2002), ‘Three Against All’ (2002), ‘One Life’ (2003), ‘Lines of Destiny’ (2003), ‘Moscow. Central District ‘(2003),’ Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation-3 '(2004), ‘Children of the Arbat’ (2004), ‘My Wonderful Nanny’ (2004), ‘Adventuress’ (2005), ‘Scoundrels’ (2005), ‘Unexpected Joy’ (2005), ‘ 9 months ‘(2006),’ Heat‘ (2006),’ The Parisians ‘(2006),’ Railroad ‘(2007),’ Lenin's Testament ‘(2007), ‘Law & Order: Division of operational investigations, 1, 2 ‘ (2007), ‘Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective-2 ‘(2007),’ Atlantis ‘(2007-2008),’ Fire of Love ‘(2007-2009),’ Daddy's Girls ‘(2007-2011),’ Movers and shakers ‘(2008),’ Kamenskaya-5 ‘ (2008), ‘Rival’ (2008), ‘New Year Tariff’ (2008), ‘Dove’ (2009), ‘Cream’ (2009), ‘Legends of the sorcery of Love’ (2009), ‘Dead Souls’ (Photodrama) (2009), ‘City Lights’ (2009), ‘Voronin’ (2009-2011), ‘Hen’ (2010), ‘On change’ (2010), ‘Swallow's Nest’ (2011), ‘A little out of Myself ‘(2011),’ New Year SMS’(2011),’Dear policemen ‘(2011),’Rzhevsky against Napoleon ‘(2012),’ Year of the white sun ‘(in production) (2012),’ While the fern blossoms ‘(in production) (2012), ’University. Sasha and Tanya ‘(in production) (2012), etc.

Tatiana Orlova dubbed films ‘Love-Job 2’ (2008) and ‘Happy Together’ (2006-2011).
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