The kid and the cat

The kid and the cat

The kid and the cat

Genre: baby theatre



Creators: libretto / Nina Belenitskaya, poems / , scenography / , plastique / , music / , / , / , / , projection / , elocution master /

продолжительность: 40 мин

The performance is for the youngest viewers fr om 6 months to 3 years.


ATTENTION! The ticket is required for each viewer: for the parents and for the child! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Dear parents, please take change of footwear for children for this performance.


This is a collaborative project of The Mayakovsky Theater and the BABY LAB.

The performance is for kids, their cats and their parents (although cats, perhaps, you can leave at home).

All children – are artists. Artists, writers and musicians - all rolled into one. Parents can be close and not even guess that they accidentally wandered into a magic wonderful world created by the imagination of their child, where the sea lies into the bed, a tower of toy blocks builds it by itself, and it is worth to learn wisdom from the toy cat.

The boy wakes up in his bed and falls into the ordinary routine for the little ones - washing, having breakfast, walk, games, food, swimming, sleeping. But even the simplest things could become an extraordinary one if your cat – is magical. The waking up from a dream – this is the hunting for a sunshine ray. It needs a considerable cunning and acrobatic skill just to get away from the bed. The noise outside the window inspires the kid to build a train, and the  evening swimming - go fishing. And if at the beginning of the play it is unbearable to get away from the room, by the end, he suddenly grows till the door handle and stretches to open by himself...

This plastic play, wh ere nor the kid does not speak nor the cat, but there are poetry and music sounds.

The master class on learning the verses will be held after the performance.


About the Baby Lab

The Baby Lab – is an innovative national project of the Theatre Institute for the development of a new genre for Russia – a baby theater. Within the project there were held 3 laboratories for professionals with leading european experts in the field of the very young audience theatre on September, 2014, and it was released 9 of the original performances for spectators from 1 to 3 years in the partnership with the capital and regional theaters. The performances were made in the format of work-in-progress at the festival "Big Break" (on November, 2014) and there was organized a special program "Theatre: baby version" at the festival "Golden mask" (on April, 2015), which was attended by more than 1200 spectators. The project has received a considerable attention and nominated for the "Start UP" in the categories: "Place of the Year" and "Event of the Year."


The performance was created with the support of the Moscow Culture Department and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The performance lasts 35 minutes.

The premiere took place on December 26th.

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