Anatoly Lobotsky

Anatoly Lobotsky

People's Artist of Russia

Анатолий Лобоцкий родился 14 января в Тамбове.

В 1979 году окончил режиссерский факультет Тамбовского филиала Московского государственного института культуры, в 1985 году окончил ГИТИС – мастерская А.А. Гончарова.

С 1985 года Анатолий Лобоцкий - артист Театра им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Школа жён» Ж.-Б. Мольер  ­– Арнольф

«Обломов» И. Гончаров – Захар

«Пигмалион» Б. Шоу – Пикеринг, Генри Хигинс

«Кант» М. Ивашкявичюс – Мартин Лямпе

«Таланты и поклонники» А. Островский – Иван Семёныч Великатов, князь Ираклий Стратоныч Дулебов

играет в спектаклях


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Anatoly Lobotsky was born on January 14, 1959 in Tambov.

In 1979 he graduated from the Directing Department of Tambov branch of Moscow State Institute of Culture, in 1985 he graduated from GITIS (A. Goncharov`s workshop).

Since 1985 he has been working at Mayakovsky Theatre.


Meritorious artist of Russia (1998).

Winner of the prize for Best Actor at the festival ‘Vivat, Cinema of Russia!’ (2001, for the film ‘The Envy of Gods’).

People's Artist of Russia (2013)


Mayakovsky Theatre (past works):

‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District’ by N.Leskov - Sergey

‘The Fruits of Enlightenment’ by Leo Tolstoy - Vasily Leonidovich, Petrishchev, Grossman

‘The Victim of the century’ by A. Ostrovsky - Vadim Dulchin

‘Dwarf’ by P. Lagerkvist - Duke, Dwarf

‘As You Like It' by William Shakespeare - Oliver

‘Not about Nightingales’ by T. Williams - Jim Canary

‘Vanyushin`s Children’ by S.Naydenov - Konstantin

‘Tomorrow Was the War’ by B.Vasilev - Yura

‘Vivat! Vivat Regina!’ by R.Bolt - Guardsman

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin – Military Commander

‘Rumor’ by A.Salynsky - Hklynkov

‘The Gin Game’ by D.Coburn – Narrator

‘Ivan Tsarevich’ by Y.Mikhailov - Miller, Ivan foundling

‘The Blonde’ A. Volodin - Leo

‘Theatre in the time of Nero and Seneca’ by E. Radzinsky – Theatre Artist

‘Jeanne’ by A.Galin - Gregory

‘Underpass’ by V.Pavlov - Vadim

‘Who's afraid of Ray Bradbury?’ by V.Maksimov – Aleksey Vodyanoy

‘Don Juan`s Amusements’ by M.Pavlova - Don Juan, Guest

‘The Kitchen’ by A. Wesker - Michael

Theatre ‘Millennium’:

‘Hanuman’ by A.Tsagareli - Hagop

‘Cactus Flower’ by A.Burrows

‘Open Theatre led by Yuly Malakyants’:

‘The Freeshooter Krechinsky’ based on-Sukhovo Kobylina`s play ‘Krechinsky`s Wedding’ and Carl Maria von Weber`s opera ‘Der Freischütz’ – Mikhail Krechinsky

In 2001 he played in a private theatre company`s performance ‘Playing Strindberg Blues’ directed by Mikhail Kazakov.

Cinema works: ‘Give me a Sunday’ (2012), ‘CID’ (2012), ‘Married’ (2012), ‘Fury’ (2011), ‘Only You’ (2011), ‘Donut Lucy’ (Russia, Ukraine, in production) (2011), ‘Divination by candlelight’ (in production) (2011), ‘Love Therapy’ (2010), ‘Tango with an Angel’ (2009), ‘Pop’ (2009), ‘Kate’ (2009 ), ‘Admiral’ (TV series) (2009), ‘Unforgiven’ (2008), ‘Angel Wings’ (2008), ‘Road to Happiness’ (2008), ‘The long-awaited love’ (Russia, Ukraine) (2008) ‘The Great Waltz’ (not completed) (2008), ‘Odd Man Out’ (Ukraine) (2007), ‘Psychopath’ (Ukraine) (2007), ‘Dr. Selivanova`s private life’ (2007), ‘Holiday of Love’ ( Russia, Ukraine) (2007), ‘Hello to you!’ (Russia, Ukraine) (2007), ‘Sad Queen of Hearts’ (2007), ‘Seer’ (Ukraine) (2007), ‘The detectives-5’ (2006) ‘Gold Medallion’ (2006), ‘Under the Great Bear’ (2006), ‘Would not there be happiness ...’ (2006), ‘From the flames and light’ (2006), (2006) ‘She-Wolf’ (Ukraine) ‘Heiress 2’ (2005), ‘Only You’ (2004), ‘Money cannot buy happiness’ (2004)), ‘On the corner at the Patriarchal Lakes 2, 3,4 '(2004 - 2001),’ God Son ‘( 2004), ‘Sleuth without a license’ (2003), ‘Reason of a maniac’ (2003), ‘Tolerance’ (2003), ‘Final Diagnosis’ (2003), ‘Scoundrel`s Style’ (2003), ‘Once in a jubilee’ ( 2003), ‘Another woman, another man’ (2003), ‘A plague on both your houses!’ (Photodrama) (2002), ‘Rostov-Daddy’ (2001), ‘His woman`s men’ (2001), ‘Heiress ‘(2001),’ People and shadows. Secrets of a puppet theater ‘(2001),’ Truckers ‘(2001),’ Still Waters ‘(2000),’ The Envy of Gods ‘(2000),’ A Doll's House‘ (Teledrama) (1994),’ Little things of life ‘(1992 -1997), ‘Objective circumstances’ (1988), ‘The light shines in the darkness’ (Photodrama) (1988), etc.
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