Genre: tragicomedy in two acts

Author: Karel Chapek

Staging: Yury Yoffe

Creators: Set design / Anastasia Glebova, Costume / Andrey Klimov, Lighting designer / , Musical arrangement / , Dramatized by / Aleksander Aleksander , Director`s assistant / Aleksander Gnezdilov, Choreographer / Irina Filippova

продолжительность: 3 ч 15 мин с одним антрактом

Информация для зрителей: В кассовых залах Театра Маяковского сотрудники билетного стола с удовольствием помогут Вам с выбором спектакля и приобретением билетов, в том числе за наличный расчёт, а также расскажут о бонусной системе Театра. Режим работы кассовых залов – с 11:00 до 20:00. Телефоны: +7-495-690-62-41 (Основная сцена), +7 -499-678-03-04 (Сцена на Сретенке).

The Mayakovsky Theatre according to the Year of literature in Russia (2015) continues to acquaint the audience with the works of the world literature classics. One of the most famous czech writers of the XX century Karel Chapek is known for the wide audience primarily as the author of humorous and satirical stories and as the "Master of the short story". Traditionally he shares first place with Chekhov and O. Henry. The brilliant talent of the narrator, an ironic view on the world and caustic humor ensured him a worldwide recognition.

His talent is many-sided – a fantasist and philosopher, a satirist, a playwright and writer of the avant-garde – all of this is Chapek.

At the heart of the play "Maestro" (directed by Yuriy Joffee) the novel "Life and work of composer Foltyn" lays, where we can observe the life of the creative bohemians. Beautiful balls with passionate tango, salon meetings with a presentation of future musical masterpieces - all of this is waiting for the audience of the play "Maestro". Besides, stories and memories of Beda Foltyn`s friends and colleagues – he is a hero, which is to put on with Tartuffe and Thomas Opiskin on one line. Composer Beda Foltyn craves glory, but he has no reason for this. He is endowed with the only one unique talent - to live off other people's abilities.


The premiere took place on April 25, 2015.

The performance lasts 3 hours 30 minutes.

пресса о спектакле

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