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Враг народа

Враг народа

Враг народа

Genre: ecological catastrophe in 2 acts

Author: Henrik Ibsen. Version of Sasha Denisova

Staging: Nikita Kobelev

Creators: Set design, multimedia creator / Mikhail Kramenko, Costumes / Natalia Voynova, Cinematography / Suzanna Musaeva, Lighting / Andrey Abramov, Sound / Yulia Shumova, Playwright / Sasha Denisova

продолжительность: Зч 20м

  • Thomas Stockmann,
    medical officer of the health resort of federal importance

    Fateev Aleksey

  • Peter Stockmann,
    mayor of the health resort of federal importance

    Kostolevsky Igor

  • Kathrine Stockmann,
    Thomas Stockmann’s wife

    Silaeva Yulia

  • Petra,
    Thomas Stockmann’s daughter, writes a blog on ecology

    Palagushkina Natalia

  • Morten Kiil,
    tannery CEO, Honored Worker of the Industry

    Okhlupin Igor

  • Hovstad,
    editor-in-chief at the media holding company “People’s Messenger”

    Udovik Sergey

  • Aslaksen,
    publisher of the“People’s Messenger”, head of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association

    Konstantinov Konstantin

  • Billing,
    public activist, reporter of the “People’s Messenger”

    Guskov Vladimir

Henrik Ibsen’s play has been rewritten by the playwright Sasha Denisova in a contemporary way. The mayor of the health resort of federal importance Peter Stockmann (Igor Kostolevsky) is trying to conceal the causes of ecological catastrophe at all costs: so that the town might not lose its investments and profit.

His brother, a scientist and a doctor at the health resort, Dr. Stockmann (Aleksey Fateev) is opposing him and wants to reveal the truth, that water in fashionable bottles that is sold for export is poisoned, and spa hotels built around the supposedly healing water springs are actually places to get your health ruined. Everything is against the scientist: the business, the media, the authorities. His wife Kathrine (Yulia Silaeva) and his daughter Petra (Natalia Palagushkina) are the only ones who support him. Petra writes a blog online and films the whole exciting story of the confrontation between the man and the town.

Actors’ ensemble of legendary ‘Mayakovka’ performs the contemporary play with critical content and modern language in the contemporary scenery. The audience can recognize the circumstances as well as the comic and lively characters as if taken from today’s life from officials and businessmen to young hipsters.

The premiere performance took place on 27 April 2013.

Costumes are provided by BML.

Photography © Alex Kachkaev 2013

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