Yury Nikulin

Yury Nikulin

Юрий Никулин родился 31 мая.

В 1967 году окончил Театральное училище имени Б. Щукина.

С 1967 года работает в Театре им. Вл. Маяковского.

Играет в спектаклях текущего репертуара:

«Бешеные деньги» А. Островский – Василий

«Плоды просвещения» Л. Толстой – Фёдор Иваныч

«Отцы и сыновья» Б. Фрил – Прокофьич

«Бердичев» Ф. Горенштейн – Григорий Хаимович Тайбер

«Август: графство Осейдж» Тр. Леттс – Беверли Уэстон

«На чемоданах» Х. Левин – Бруно Хофштаттер

«На бойком месте» А. Островский – Разоренный

«Мёртвые души» Н. Гоголь – Губернатор

играет в спектаклях


Sun 18:00

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Mon 19:00The Fruits of Culture

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Sat 18:00Big Money

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Sun 18:00Berdichev

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Thu 19:00Fathers and Sons

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Wed 19:00A Busy Place

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Sun 18:00

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Fri 19:00Suitcase Packers

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Sat 18:00The Fruits of Culture

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Fri 19:00Big Money

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Wed 19:00A Busy Place

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Yury Nikulin was born on May 31, 1940.

In 1967, he graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre Academy.

Since 1967 he has been working at Mayakovsky Theatre.


Mayakovsky (past works)

‘The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' by A. Miller - Tom Wilson

‘The waltz of the dogs’ by Andreev – Tizengauzen

‘The Fruits of Enlightenment’ by Leo Tolstoy - Doctor

‘The Cabinet Minister’s Wife’by B. Nusic - Sima Popovich

‘Golden Horse’ by Y.Rainis - Antyn

‘Spring Violins’ by A.Stein - Gosha

‘World without Me’ by Y.Edlis - Slava Kryukov

‘Time to Love’ by B.Laskin - Igor Selivanov

‘The Defector’ by A. Tur, P.Tur - Captain Rubtsov

‘A Call to an Empty Apartment’ by D.Ugryumov - Anatoly

‘Talents and Admirers’ by A. Ostrovsky - Peter Meluzov

‘Nightingale night’ by V.Ezhov - Firsov

‘The Aristocrats’ by N. Pogodin - Gipsy

‘Two Comrades’ by V.Voinovich - Greek

‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by N. Pogodin - Policeman

‘Mother Courage and Her Children' by Brecht - Sergeant

‘The Magic Password’ by D.Orlov, L.Novogudsky - The commandant of the Kremlin

‘Oedipus the King’ by Sophocles - Cadmean

‘Vanyushin's Children' by S.Naydenov - Counterman

‘The Nineteen' by A.Fadeev - Kanunnikov

‘Winter Ballad’ by A.Veytsler, A.Misharin – Sergeant Major

‘Vivat! Vivat Regina!’ by R.Bolt - Darmley

‘A Streetcar Named Desire' by T. Williams – Steve, s strange man

‘Irkutsk Story’ by A.Arbuzov - Denis

‘Three Minutes of Martin Grow’ by G. Borovik - Investigator

‘Sunset’ by Isaac Babel - Ususov

‘Man of La Mancha’ by D.Vasserman, D.Derion - Pedro

‘Thought about Britannica’ by Y.Yanovsky- Frump

‘Unpublished report’ by R.Ibragimbekov - Galimzyan

‘Conversations with Socrates' by E. Radzinsky - Phaedrus

‘The Third Rocket’ by Bykov - Panasyuk

‘Lizard’ by A. Volodin - Chief

‘Venceremos!’ by G. Borovik - Officer

‘We Were Led by Youth’ by V.Kin - Stranger

‘She, in the Absence of Love and Death' by E. Radzinsky - Doctor

‘Rumor’ by A.Salynsky - Myslivets

‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ by T. Williams - Dr. Baugh

‘Magic Dream’ by Y. Kim - Marquis Tresbien

‘Running’ by Mikhail Bulgakov - Gurin

‘Smoking area’ by V.Slavkin - 1st colleague

‘Illusion’ by A. Kureichik - Bogart

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by F.Dostoevsky – Court Chairman

‘Circle’ by S. Maugham - George

Cinema works: ‘Chapayev Passion’ (in production) (2012), ‘8 First Dates’ (in production) (2012), ‘It`s all for the better’ (2010-2011), ‘Wanted’ (2010) ‘Aunt Claudia von Ghetto’ (2009), ‘On the game’ (2009), ‘New Year Tariff’ (2008), ‘Soldiers 15. New call ‘(2008),’ Petrovka, 38. Petrovsky`s team ‘(2008), ’Tatiana's Day ‘(2007-2008), ‘Scenes from Lermontov's tragedy ’Masquerade‘ (Photodrama) (1985), ‘The investigation held by experts’ (1985), ‘The interior in Buenos Aires ‘(Photodrama) (1979),’ Love is love. ‘
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